Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

My heart and soul with his spongebob drawing.



A Cause Close to my Heart

In a blog post on my Tuppermamma Blog I posted about a woman who was influential in my life. In this post I wrote about being a teen mom. When I thought I was pregnant I went to an organization called Comfort Care Women’s Health to have a free pregnancy test. I did not know that I was going to be getting so much support along with it. When I took my pregnancy and received a positive result I was distraught but the counselor knew exactly what to say and how to help me calm down. I was worried about how my father was going to react. The counselor held my hand when I was crying and gave me a lot of advice on how to tell my father. She also gave me information on many resources that would help me during my first trimester. Also when I found out that I was pregnant with twins Comfort Care Women’s Health donated a lot of items for the second baby. They were very supportive during my whole pregnancy.
Comfort Care is having a Stride for Life ti raise money. And this year I am very excited because my twins will be joining me on the walk for the first time. I feel like we have come full circle. Comfort Care helped us so much and now we can help them together. Please check out this wonderful organization here and if you feel guided please donate for our walk on this page.

The Lesson and The Humpass

Yesterday was one of those days when it seemed I had a million and one things to do. I have to admit when I get busy like that I sometimes become unable to think about anything else but what I have to do. It’s like unithinking. Even though I make myself a to do list I will revisit  it in my mind over and over fearing that I forgot to write something down. I am not sure if it stress that causes me to sort get moody or irritable.  But yesterday turned out to be a lot different. Caleb and I were at Books A Million on one of my many stops I had to get to yesterday. And I was staring at the health food books looking for a book that seemed to allude me while Caleb was looking at a globe that was right behind me. All of a sudden Caleb got so excited and started saying “Mommy look it’s a Humpass.” I turned around and he had the most excited look on his face and was pointing at the compass on the globe. I thought I was going to pee my pants laughing. The  stress from the day just melted away. I was so happy, I actually sat down and gave Caleb a HUGE hug.  

So yesterday in all of the stress my four year old son taught me to just take it easy and enjoy your day no matter what you have to do. I know I will probably not always remember this but it sure did make a difference in my day.  I thought to myself “so what if I forget something” there is always tomorrow. Because what good is today if I can’t enjoy it.  

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