Momma Said There Would be Days Like This

I have to be honest I am feeling a little bummed today. For the past several months I have been struggling with some serious back pain. I have been to the. Dr. a few times and finally after some x-rays I was told I have a Scoliosis Curvature!! I was a bit shocked, isn’t scoliosis found on preteen and teen girls in middle school?? I mean shouldn’t this have been found when I was younger not at the ripe age of 29!! Needless to say I am a bit confused. And to add to the confusion my regular Doctor left his practice to volunteer somewhere (which I look up to him for) but they have not found a replacement for him yet. There has been different Dr.’s in and out. Therefore, I feel like I am getting so many different opinions. One says to go to the gym and lose weight and another says no gym its to strenuous and yet another says you need water aerobics!! Which I don’t mind doing any of that if it helps I just wish I could have a solid plan. I am one who likes to know what I am doing. I want to know my actions are going to make a difference. I get so tired of having days like today where I feel like I can’t do anything. I am laid up on my couch with my laptop looking at all the things that need done around my house that are not getting done. My husband says I suffer from OCD because I like everything to be neat and clean. I can’t stand dust or my floor needing vacuumed. He of course being a man thinks the house looks just fine. And the kids could care less. So that leaves crazy Mom having a melt down inside because she wants the house vacuumed and dusted. I do wish though that I could relax about it because that would probably make days like this a lot easier to handle. It is kind of crazy as Mom’s we are always looking for a break, time to rest, however when I am ordered by the Dr. to do so I feel like my head is going to pop off. My Grandma would probably say it is my inability to handle authority, that according to her I have always had. I know, I know it is such a negative quality but it’s true. I am a leader not a follower!! And of course I think EVERYONE should follow my lead LOL. I mean seriously who does this Dr. think she is telling a woman with four children to REST!! What does that word mean?? I need a dictionary!! HAHA Now I sound like a stubborn person with a cleaning complex. I wonder how Mom’s who struggle with physical limitations do this on a daily basis. I mean I have been very sick before and had several surgeries back in 2008 but it wasn’t hard like this back then. Maybe because I was so sick I couldn’t think. But right now I am not sick I am just in pain. I really do wonder how others do it.

Are you a Mother with physical limitations? Is so please share with me how you do it? 

Disclaimer: I really do not have OCD even though my hubby thinks I do. 


Let me know what you think, I always follow back!!

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