Momma Said There Would be Days Like This

I have to be honest I am feeling a little bummed today. For the past several months I have been struggling with some serious back pain. I have been to the. Dr. a few times and finally after some x-rays I was told I have a Scoliosis Curvature!! I was a bit shocked, isn’t scoliosis found on preteen and teen girls in middle school?? I mean shouldn’t this have been found when I was younger not at the ripe age of 29!! Needless to say I am a bit confused. And to add to the confusion my regular Doctor left his practice to volunteer somewhere (which I look up to him for) but they have not found a replacement for him yet. There has been different Dr.’s in and out. Therefore, I feel like I am getting so many different opinions. One says to go to the gym and lose weight and another says no gym its to strenuous and yet another says you need water aerobics!! Which I don’t mind doing any of that if it helps I just wish I could have a solid plan. I am one who likes to know what I am doing. I want to know my actions are going to make a difference. I get so tired of having days like today where I feel like I can’t do anything. I am laid up on my couch with my laptop looking at all the things that need done around my house that are not getting done. My husband says I suffer from OCD because I like everything to be neat and clean. I can’t stand dust or my floor needing vacuumed. He of course being a man thinks the house looks just fine. And the kids could care less. So that leaves crazy Mom having a melt down inside because she wants the house vacuumed and dusted. I do wish though that I could relax about it because that would probably make days like this a lot easier to handle. It is kind of crazy as Mom’s we are always looking for a break, time to rest, however when I am ordered by the Dr. to do so I feel like my head is going to pop off. My Grandma would probably say it is my inability to handle authority, that according to her I have always had. I know, I know it is such a negative quality but it’s true. I am a leader not a follower!! And of course I think EVERYONE should follow my lead LOL. I mean seriously who does this Dr. think she is telling a woman with four children to REST!! What does that word mean?? I need a dictionary!! HAHA Now I sound like a stubborn person with a cleaning complex. I wonder how Mom’s who struggle with physical limitations do this on a daily basis. I mean I have been very sick before and had several surgeries back in 2008 but it wasn’t hard like this back then. Maybe because I was so sick I couldn’t think. But right now I am not sick I am just in pain. I really do wonder how others do it.

Are you a Mother with physical limitations? Is so please share with me how you do it? 

Disclaimer: I really do not have OCD even though my hubby thinks I do. 


Ughhh Mom I know!!

Does anyone else have a preteen that knows everything???

I know I sure do and actually I have two. Double trouble from the moment they were born!! They are great kids. They do well in school and haven’t got into the wrong crowd yet (which I hope never happens). However, these two think they know everything about everything about everything that there ever was to know in this whole wide world. I can be telling them something simple like “it might rain please take your umbrella to school” and the reply to me is “UGHHH Mom I know.” Okay they must be meteorologists. I might be able to give them that one, maybe they watched the weather or got it on their phone. So maybe they did know.

So here is another scenario: Me to twin #1 “Your brother needs to go to the dr tomorrow he will not be on the bus” twin to me “Ughhhh Mom I know.” Okay they must be my personal secretaries and know my schedule. There is no way possible that she knew that before I said it!! Is she reading minds now? I mean it is in my date book that is in my purse it is not written on a big calendar for everyone to see. So how does she “know” like she claims?

I am finding this age is very fun in all of these crazy kinds of ways like the boys noticing my girls. They look like little puppies following my girls around. And I am thinking in my head where did these fools come from?? But every time I try to talk to my girls about how bad, nasty, and cootified a boy is they say the oh so famous “ughhhh Mom I know.”

So either I have very intelligent super meteorologist, secretary, personal assistant, dating experts or they are trying not to talk to me. Which is a very bad idea and they know it. You see I am not always a traditional type of parent, I like to find ways outside the box to get my kids thinking. Like if you tell me I am embarrassing you when I am not doing anything to embarrass you I will MAKE sure you are embarrassed. My favorite way to embarrass my girls is to follow them around Wal-Mart singing “their” kind of music at the top of  my lungs (which is actually hilarious because I don’t know the words and I make up my own). You should have heard my rendition of “Call Me Maybe.” I think I could have won an award for it personally.

So for my unorthodox way to get the girls to start listening to me instead of always saying “UGHHH Mom I know’ is this: When I tell them something and they reply with the famous words I will sit down with pen and paper. I will them call both to them to the table with me and I will say to them “you guys are so smart and know the future I am taking notes please go on and tell me all the things you know.” They will reply with “MOOOOOMMMMM” and I will rebutle with ” OH please all powerful all knowing ladies I can not go another day without your knowledge of all the world.” HAHAHAHAHA  I made myself laugh.

The funny thing is they know if they don’t get the drift the first time I will continue and make it worse everytime in some way. I do NOT have any shame in following them around while they are outside with their friends with my pen and paper.

Of course I know that I will never totally break them of saying “Ughhh Mom I know” because it is a teen thing but I can guarantee they will think twice about saying it unless they really do know.

What do you do to get your kids attention that may be conisdered a little unorthodox?

What is YOUR Motivation?

Today the hubby and I took the kiddos to church. It was very nice to go as a family, we have not gone together in a long time. We have went separately due to schedules. The subject of the sermon today was motivation? When you do something what is your motivation?

If you are a stay at home Mom and your job is to cook, clean, grocery shop, run errands, and many more things; What is your motivation? Do you do it because if you don’t no one else will? Do you do it so people look highly upon you and think you can handle anything? Do you do it for your kids and husband because you love them?

If you are a hard-working man that works a factory job that seems never-ending and repetitive; what is your motivation? Is it because someone has to bring home the bacon? Is it to make your Dad proud? Is it to one day get to the top? Is it to have a good retirement? Do you do it because you love your wife and children which makes you want to provide for them?

 If you are a firefighter, a dancer, a foreman, a nurse, a teacher, a truck driver, a volunteer, an activist, a brick layer, an architect or whatever may be what you do; what is your motivation?

What if you could be motivated by one thing? What if you could feel good about giving your absolute best with no human recognition? What if you could be happy with exactly what you are doing right now? What if you could feel that every single job you do is for the Lord, even if it is as little as washing dishes or cleaning toilets?

I know it seems impossible to feel that way. And admittedly when my Pastor said that this morning I was thinking “what purpose could there be in washing dishes besides getting them clean.” But the more he spoke the more sense it made that where we are in life and what we are doing is exactly where God wants us to be. You can serve the Lord and Praise Him no matter who is looking, no matter who notices, and no matter your profession.

In Colossians 3:22-25 (NIV) Paul is saying just that.

“Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart, as working for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for his wrong, and there is no favoritism.”

Even though Paul addresses slaves in these passages he is still talking to us as well. We all have a job to do here on earth and most of us have earthly masters (bosses). God wants us to give every job we do are all. Do the job as if it was for Him and He was right there watching. Because it is in fact for Him and He is in fact watching.

So the question is:

Is God your motivation? Is being pleasing to the Lord your motivation? Can you be motivated to work hard and with purpose even if another human never noticed at all?

S.O.S. Sick Kid Aboard

The title just about says it all. My son has been sick since Sunday with high fevers and a sore throat. At first I thought it was just a little bug that would pass as quickly as it came. However, I was so wrong. He has been fussing and whining A LOT since Sunday. I try to be a patient Mommy and I try to remind myself that it is not his fault he is fussing or hurting from being sick. But to be honest (as I am to a fault sometimes) my patience has ran thin. As I write this blog it is midnight and he is still fussing. Every time he falls asleep it is not for long, he wakes back up crying. I know he has to be exhausted because I am. I think the part that is causing me to get impatient is not the crying it is the fact that he is inconsolable. When he starts fussing he will not talk to me, listen to me, or answer me. I ask questions like “would you like a drink?”  And “would you like some more throat spray?” Or do you want Mommy to lay with you?” But no answer just crying and rolling all over the bed. I am a doer so I get frustrated when I can not fix it and make him better. I know this quality or flaw however you may see it is really going to get me in the next few years as my tweens go through their teen years. But nevertheless it is a need I have I guess you could say. I don’t like leaving problems unsolved it drives me crazy. So you can imagine the circus that is going on in my head as I try to “fix” my baby boy.
On the bright side I did take him to the Dr. He gave him some antibiotics which in my mind should work immediately LOL. I am now wondering how many doses of the antibiotic it is going to take to at least get him some relief. Because it is so sad to watch him hurt like that knowing he has had all of the Tylenol and Ibuprofen he can have for the day.  And of course when I do get frustrated the guilt kicks in. I feel terrible for not being more patient when he is so sick. So you see this is a lose – lose situation I have here. Without patience I feel guilty and with patience I am still not getting any sleep tonight.
So Mommies and Daddies what are things like in your house when your child is sick? Registered & Protected